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Bot corrects grammatical errors in groups. Just add it to admin in chat.

Bot-moderator for group administrators. Allows you to configure the list of languages in which messages will be deleted. For every chat you can configure your list of languages.

Game bot with the implementation of the stock market, where the "shares" are Telegram channels. Trade stocks of your favorite channels. The bot is not associated with Telegram and channel authors. All the money in the game is virtual and its output into real is impossible.

Bot sends fresh and current discounts on sneakers. There are thousands of offers in the catalog for every taste, as well as the opportunity to subscribe to a daily newsletter of offers on individual parameters.

The official miner cryptocurrency Ⓜ️MMCoin from the creator of MyMakerBot.

Bot creator for technical support. Allows you to create your own bot and receive all requests in one chat or in a group with administrators. Support forwards, messages from those who have hidden their profile, message filters by type and does not contain advertising signatures.

Game bot clicker. You click - you get coins, you buy accelerations for coins - you get coins. You wait and every second you get richer!

Bot constructor, allows you to create a personal bot.

Bot helps to organize records in todo sheets, share and execute them together or alone. Performs a search by sheet.

Official bot to create polls.

Game bot for playing in chess with bot, and also with friends in groups.

Bot-translator service PROMT. He knows 17 languages ​​and is able to answer simple questions related to translation.

Guitarist library Tablature, chords, guitar tuning, study material, and in the future search for musicians and bands.

Bot to encrypt messages and passwords with source code on github. Encrypted passwords can be stored in correspondence.

The bot sends a direct link to the images, gif or stickers sent to it.

Bot will help to learn the rules of the road through a simple test, or help to remember the forgotten through thematic issues.

Bot search engine given key phrases in Telegram channels. Checks new posts for a matching key request and sends them to you.

Game bot with an exciting logical game "Filler", in which you need to capture the territory, painting over the color of the cell. The game forces to think over the actions on the course ahead and predict the movement of the enemy.

Bot-translater based on artificial intelligence. Automatically corrects founded errors. Supports 14 languages.

International analytics, statistics and moderation service for Telegram groups.