KNL Bringing Blockchain to the Agriculture 🌾 An ambitious platform that plans to change the world
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Bringing Blockchain to the Agriculture 🌾

An ambitious platform that plans to change the world of agriculture with blockchain technologies 💻

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🔔Meet the new Revolutionary Token on Coinsbit - KNL‼️

🔥Coinsbit continues to expand the Asian market and after the amazing results of IEO KNL was listed on the exchange‼️

The KNL platform is a new economic model built on blockchain, providing tools for:
👤 individual investors,
🔸 small,
🔶 medium,
🔵 large businesses.

🚀The platform allows to unites asset managers/owners and investors through new financial instruments that reduce the level of risk of operations.

Assets can be:
🏙 items in real estate,
🚜 agriculture,
🏭 manufacturing,
📜 shares in the enterprise and others.

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Start trading with KNL on Coinsbit
KNL will have its own exchange where account currency unit will be the KNL token. The token holder will have an opportunity to provide a loan to a farmer directly in KNL digital currency and using other cryptocurrencies and fiat currency units, that is in rubles or dollars.

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The necessary conditions for getting CashBack:
1. You have to buy tokens on the project website - 👉👉
2. Once a month from the date of purchase KNL tokens you have to deposit the purchased on the poromotion tokens to the exchange account of the KNL ecosystem internal exchange
3. You have to hold KNL tokens for at least 5 working days on the exchange account of the KNL ecosystem internal exchange
4. On the 6th day you can withdraw tokens and get CashBack in the required currency ETH, BTC, USDT
5. The amount of tokens deposited on the KNL ecosystem exchange for getting CashBack shouldn't be less than you purchased for promotion.

You can ask any questions in our Telegram chat:

KNL token is available for trading on public exchanges, at the moment on Coinsbit exchange and listing on three more exchanges is planned in the near future. Your account will receive cashback monthly in your private cabinet, which you can withdraw without restrictions. The amount of tokens for promotion is limited – 1 300 000 KNL tokens.
Kernel-Trade is a platform that aims to activate agricultural assets and assets of non-public SMEs. We want to help agricultural companies and SMEs use the advantages of such systems in fast and profitable financing. Using Kernel-Trade, agricultural companies and SMEs can raise capital that can be used for future development.

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What is Kernel -Trade?

The blockchain technology has allowed us to digitize almost everything and why we don’t tokenize agricultural assets? This is what Kernel-Trade would like to do. 
The platform aims to stimulate the development for all types and sizes of farms around the world by placing agricultural assets on the blockchain.
KNLC- is a token using on platform Kernel - Trade to have access to investment projects access investment projects . And the tasks that the Kernel - Trade platform must to solve and to help agricultural companies and SMeS (small and medium-size enterprises) to tokenize raw materials and other assets and introduce their tokens through the internal exchange and the commodity Fund of raw materials assets on the Kernel-Trade platform.
The agricultural company can participate in the digital currency market by selling tokens which represent a fraction of their assets.
💥[New Listing Announcement]
Kernel Coin (KNLC) will list on ProBit Exchange!

🔹Trading Pairs: KNLC/USDT
🔹Deposits: December 16, 2019, 10:00 KST
🔹Trading: December 16, 2019, 15:00 KST
👉KNLC listing announcement

🎗 Introduction (

The Kernel-Trade platform aims to stimulate farm development of all types and sizes around the world by digitizing agricultural assets on the blockchain. The primary value of the Kernel-Trade platform stems from assisting agricultural companies and SMEs tokenize raw materials and other assets as well as enhancing token exposure through an internal exchange and the raw material asset commodity fund.

KNLC tokens enable access to various agricultural project investment opportunities that align with KNL’s objectives.
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