KNL Bringing Blockchain to the Agriculture 🌾 An ambitious platform that plans to change the world
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Bringing Blockchain to the Agriculture 🌾

An ambitious platform that plans to change the world of agriculture with blockchain technologies 💻

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Hi, everyone 👋
Today we will tell you what the KNL marketplace module is 👌

Marketplace-module-aggregator allows you to expand the user's capabilities, combining a large number of different types of services. The peculiarity of the Marketplace is the ability to pay for goods/services in cryptocurrency through a personal account on the platform.

🛍🛒 The user can log in to the personal account by going through the registration procedure. 💈

🖼 The appearance of the Marketplace is a list of cards vendors (companies) with a brief description of the services icon.

Our designing service is a global marketplace for integrating possibilities of cryptocurrency and fiat payment with existing projects of the B2B business. The placement in this marketplace suggests 2 options for data exchange with integration of payment gateways, as well as placement services and offerings on a global platform. 💵💸
Bidding has been launched ️ Next week it is planned to launch an invest box on coinsbit. It is also planned to continue listing on other exchanges and organize new invest programs and shares for our token‼️
Hurry up to ride a wave! Somebody has already ridden 😎
🌾🍃Modern genetic tools continue to improve. Breeders are using technologies such as marker-assisted breeding, biotechnology and genomics to better measure and understand DNA alterations and thus increase the precision with which changes are achieved. Insect or disease protection through biotechnology are being successfully employed in a number of commercial species, including cotton, papaya, corn and soybeans. Several seed development programs show promise for reducing water requirements and improving nitrogen utilization (to reduce fertilizer need) in established crops such as corn and cotton, as well as in new crops such as switchgrass and miscanthus that are desirable, nonfood feedstocks for biofuels.🎋⛽️

🧪🦠Some critics assert that the DNA alterations achieved through biotechnology present unique health, environmental or social concerns that are not posed by the DNA alterations that result from other breeding techniques. But the accumulated experience of having safely cultivated and harvested more than one billion hectares of crops that have been improved through biotechnology indicates otherwise. Further reassurance can come from the development of sound science-based regulatory approaches that focus on the proteins generated by DNA alterations, not the mechanism by which the alterations are created.🧬🔬

KNL also deals with the development of agriculture.🌻🌾 In general, Kernel-Trade creates a safe and profitable platform for the use of commodity assets as a financial instrument among agricultural companies and SMEs, investors and traders. We want to allow any agricultural company and SMEs - small or large - to compete successfully in the market.💵 We aim to increase efficiency in all industries.
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🔔Meet the new Revolutionary Token on Coinsbit - KNL‼️

🔥Coinsbit continues to expand the Asian market and after the amazing results of IEO KNL was listed on the exchange‼️

The KNL platform is a new economic model built on blockchain, providing tools for:
👤 individual investors,
🔸 small,
🔶 medium,
🔵 large businesses.

🚀The platform allows to unites asset managers/owners and investors through new financial instruments that reduce the level of risk of operations.

Assets can be:
🏙 items in real estate,
🚜 agriculture,
🏭 manufacturing,
📜 shares in the enterprise and others.

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Start trading with KNL on Coinsbit
KNL will have its own exchange where account currency unit will be the KNL token. The token holder will have an opportunity to provide a loan to a farmer directly in KNL digital currency and using other cryptocurrencies and fiat currency units, that is in rubles or dollars.

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The necessary conditions for getting CashBack:
1. You have to buy tokens on the project website - 👉👉
2. Once a month from the date of purchase KNL tokens you have to deposit the purchased on the poromotion tokens to the exchange account of the KNL ecosystem internal exchange
3. You have to hold KNL tokens for at least 5 working days on the exchange account of the KNL ecosystem internal exchange
4. On the 6th day you can withdraw tokens and get CashBack in the required currency ETH, BTC, USDT
5. The amount of tokens deposited on the KNL ecosystem exchange for getting CashBack shouldn't be less than you purchased for promotion.

You can ask any questions in our Telegram chat:

KNL token is available for trading on public exchanges, at the moment on Coinsbit exchange and listing on three more exchanges is planned in the near future. Your account will receive cashback monthly in your private cabinet, which you can withdraw without restrictions. The amount of tokens for promotion is limited – 1 300 000 KNL tokens.
Kernel-Trade is a platform that aims to activate agricultural assets and assets of non-public SMEs. We want to help agricultural companies and SMEs use the advantages of such systems in fast and profitable financing. Using Kernel-Trade, agricultural companies and SMEs can raise capital that can be used for future development.

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